Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We made a mess in the kitchen today.....but oh so worth it!

Tears of joy?

More garlic!

measuring spoon


Time to simmer

Cathy's half minus the one for dinner
We had a great time cooking together today. Mary had tears from the onions, and Cathy goofing around like she is eating the garlic.   We now have quick meals in the freezer for the busier days.  We were going to try to can this in jars in the pressure canner, but we ran out of time today.  Next time.  We will let you know if we blow up the kitchen :)

We had talked about a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and even though the garden isn't in yet, we are dreaming of making sauce from our own tomatoes.  The deer got them last year, so the fence is going up.  

Can you tell we have Spring fever yet?   

Live, Love and Giggle Often :)

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