Monday, March 17, 2014

Our First Crafting Project Together.......thank goodness we had COFFEE

We have completed what we started out to do which was yet another adventure!  We had some odd pieces of glassware, plates, tons of buttons.  As we laid it all out on the table we started thinking which pieces would go with what to make something pretty.  After our first day of rearranging the pieces again and again we got 2 or 3 we thought were perfect.

Day 2 we went shopping for some marine grade epoxy glue, silicone and PVC elbows.  As we opened the glue and tried to squeeze it out, we had such a hard time getting the one side to come out and blend. We made a bigger hole in the container, squeezed, used a pipe wrench to squeeze it, Cathy stomped on it, stood on it and then with a razor knife sliced the whole side open (and wished she hadn't).  What an awful smell.  Mary claimed it reminded her of elephant dung from the zoo.

A sit down coffee break and butter cake. Done.

Day 3 we went back to the store for more epoxy, this time choosing one for outdoors as well. Back home we went and opened in, put it on a paper plate to mix.......and we were in another part of the zoo.......the monkey house :)  We did use that one and after it dried there was no odor so with that and silicone we continued on.

A sit down coffee break and butter cake.

Day 4 we were cranking right along however we started noticing we needed more pieces so off to the resale we went.  Our favorite shop owner greeted us as always knowing we were going to load up a cart.  Found some sweet accents but not quite enough so we hit one more store on the way home.

A sit down coffee break and english muffins.

Day 5 back at it again and were rolling right along.  We need more buttons, we need more glass stones, we need more COFFEE!

A sit down coffee break and jelly beans.

Day 6 we went outside and took photos of our goodies and both felt pleased.  We had laughed so hard all week it was almost a relief to be done so our stomach muscles could rest :)  We did some listings and then...a sit down coffee break and some Necco candy.

Day 7............We need to go shopping!  We grabbed our go cups of coffee and drove off in search of treasure.

Live, Love and Giggle often :)

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