Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our project is coming along nicely, or so we thought :)

We actually got a good early start today which seem to be unusual as of late.
Coffee ready, music on, space heater going so off into the basement (dungeon) to get to work.

As we started putting together our creations we were feeling pretty good about things.We dumped the stinky glue and the new glue smells a little better, more like the monkey house than the elephant house. So no more elephant dung for us lol.
Cathy was adding the finishing touch on a piece which was a wooden bird with metal feet.
Well, the feet would not fit into the piece so she decided to take the feet off. Well, she broke the feet off and half of the bird as well.  Hence the sad photo.
That led us to look around the table and realize we were running out of glass options and needed to make another run to our favorite shop.

Our favorite thrift store is a friendly store called Twice As Nice, where everything we buy goes to a charity that supports families.  And we know how important family is to us so we shop there almost weekly.  We have gotten to know the owner pretty well, and he is getting used to the quirky twin thing we have going. So today was pretty typical for us, crawling around on the floor to locate the special items that no one else sees on the lower shelves.  We found a lot of items that we thought would fit into our plans for creating the new items.  Mary spotted a little accent item, and then lost track of where it was when she got distracted by something Cathy said.  So as she is frantically searching again for it, Cathy says "What are you looking for", so I said it was a little butterfly thing.  Cathy says "Oh you mean this" she had of course picked up the very item I was looking for.  Which of course sent us into gales of laughter, no wonder I could not find it, she was holding it among other items.

We finally get up to the front to pay for our items, and the owner greets us with "How are you two today"  and we both responded at the same time "We are good how are you".  Naturally we are all laughing at this point, and he says can you do that again. We are like "ummm no" at the same time lol.  We don't do it on purpose, it happens randomly, without thought or planning of any kind.  It is that strange ability that we seem to have that causes us to speak the same thing, pick up coffee cups at the same time, just to name a few.

We are so blessed to be the best of friends, and sisters (twins of the heart).  We don't consider our business Twins Treasure Trove to be work.  Every day is another day for us to share, bond, and create more memories.

So Live, Love and Giggle

The Twins
Mary and Cathy

Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter has forced us to play indoors..........

  The weather has been chilly as it has been everywhere, darn Polar Vortex!

This has kept us indoors and cabin fever has set in so we decided to gather all of our unused pieces of glassware and start a new project.

As our coffee was brewing,  we set up the big folding table in the basement which was once covered almost to the ceiling in vintage clothing.  We set all of the pieces of glassware on the table, turned on Pandora and the wheels of creation were starting to turn slowly.

  We wanted to find out which glue would be the best for this project,  so we had purchased Marine epoxy glue which is water resistant.  We cut off the top of the glue and tried to put in on a paper plate to mix it and the brown side was hard as a rock.  We even tried a giant crescent wrench to get that side to move.  Finally we got a little bit of it out after Cathy was stomping it on the floor :) 

  As we mixed it and started to put in on the place we realized it had a horrible odor.  We thought we had transported ourselves to the elephant house at the zoo.  It was like we were wading in elephant dung!  I'm sure the glue will hold fine and the smell will go away, but WOW, what a shocker, :)
Once we scrape off our boots, we will be back to let you know how our latest adventure is progressing.

Stay tuned for more fun and giggles with the twins.

Live Love and Giggle
The Twins
Mary and Cathy

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Planning for Spring!


 We are sitting inside looking at the snow covered tundra, thinking of all the things we want to do when Spring arrives.

  We have been planning out what to plant this year as last years garden was decimated by the deer.
We love the daily visitors to the yard, but had very little bounty left after they were done mowing down the tomatoes, peppers, green beans, yellow beans, even onions. The only thing they wouldn't touch was the accidental gourds we thought were cucumbers when they were planted.  So first..........a fence.

  We would love to hear your tips on keeping deer out of the gardens. Please and thank you!

  Cathy received a pressure canner and 2 boxes of jars for Christmas so as we wait for winter's exit we will be canning pasta sauce with meat.  Hoping for a bumper crop of home grown tomatoes this year since we have the new equipment.  New experience so we will let you know if we blew up the kitchen or not. :)

  We also are anxiously awaiting the garage sale/yard sale/flea market season as we have been unable to travel very far to find treasures.  We are no match for the ice that has covered the roads.  Ice wins every time!

  Wondering what you are dreaming of for upcoming Springtime?  Drop us a line. We'd love to know.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay warm, live, love and giggle.

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