Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring is Coming

  As we sit by our fires this winter season in an effort to keep warm and cozy, we are already planning our spring adventures.

  This spring will be different from all the others for the twins, we will finally be living in the same area.   Big sister is moving from Chicago with her husband to Southern Illinois. We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves from jumping up and down and giggling like a couple school girls.  We have not lived in the same area in 47 years!

  The biggest plans aside from our business expansions, will be a big family garden.  Eating fresh food is so important to both of us, as well as providing nutritious meals for our families.  Most people do not know this but we both suffer from Fibromyalgia which makes just simple everyday activities difficult at times.    But put us together there will be no stopping us, not to mention our favorite place to be other than together, is outside with nature and plants.

  We already are in the planning stages of what we want to grow.  Of course we will plant a lot of the tried and true favorites, of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and onions.  Maybe some kale and definitely herbs.  This will be a challenge for Cathy as she does not have clay in her Chicago garden, so it will be interesting and funny too!  She will probably try to make pottery!

  We had a discussion on whether to put hay or straw on the garden.  We found out it is straw we should be using or we will have all kinds of stray grass growing.  Maybe for a smoothie? :)

  Whether our garden takes off or not remains to be seen. We will be prepared for a bumper crop for canning and freezing but even if we only get 2 tomatoes, we were able to spend time together which to us is what it is all about.

Happy Planning from the Twins