Friday, June 21, 2013

The Twins Together At Last

We are so excited to announce the big move is just one week away.  Cathy is relocating to the same area as Mary.  We could not be happier, we have such big plans for us as sisters, as well as our business Twins Treasure Trove.

I recently made a trip to Chicago to help my sister Cathy pack up what she has of the Twins inventory, wow we went through the bubble wrap and boxes and coffee.  Took us almost a week to get everything properly boxed so that when the movers handled them nothing gets broke.  We do hate those kinds of surprises. 

We are looking forward to lots of fun unpacking and setting up our shop.  And I do mean fun, believe me when I say we can have fun doing anything as long as we are doing it together. Our store has less than normal inventory at the moment since half of it is boxed up for the big move  Once everything is unpacked, we are planning several outings for restocking our online store.  We have been busy working on some marketing plans.   We have recently opened a Pintrest account, as well as Wanelo so look for us there as well as our Etsy store.  We hope one day to have a bricks and mortar store, with a huge window for decorating with vintage finds. 

But most of all we want to have fun as sisters, oh don't get us wrong the business is an important part of who we are, but not the most important part.  We are sisters first and business partners second.   We hope to see you all in a couple weeks with an update on the big move.


The Twins