Thursday, February 13, 2014

Planning for Spring!


 We are sitting inside looking at the snow covered tundra, thinking of all the things we want to do when Spring arrives.

  We have been planning out what to plant this year as last years garden was decimated by the deer.
We love the daily visitors to the yard, but had very little bounty left after they were done mowing down the tomatoes, peppers, green beans, yellow beans, even onions. The only thing they wouldn't touch was the accidental gourds we thought were cucumbers when they were planted.  So first..........a fence.

  We would love to hear your tips on keeping deer out of the gardens. Please and thank you!

  Cathy received a pressure canner and 2 boxes of jars for Christmas so as we wait for winter's exit we will be canning pasta sauce with meat.  Hoping for a bumper crop of home grown tomatoes this year since we have the new equipment.  New experience so we will let you know if we blew up the kitchen or not. :)

  We also are anxiously awaiting the garage sale/yard sale/flea market season as we have been unable to travel very far to find treasures.  We are no match for the ice that has covered the roads.  Ice wins every time!

  Wondering what you are dreaming of for upcoming Springtime?  Drop us a line. We'd love to know.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay warm, live, love and giggle.

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