Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are sorry but we are having technical difficulties........

We were to appear on The CraftStar live show this week to talk about the Treasure Hunt we had where we had hid an item in our shop for no cost and no cost for shipping. It was a freebie. And we had a happy winner!

It got near the time to plug in and we usually use the IPad for these live shows and for some reason my IPad was blocking our link to the live show.

I raced to the laptop, plugged it in and it took forever to load and it would not let us get to the link either which put us in panic mode.

We raced to the back room where my desktop pc is and tried to plug in the camera which the wire is too short so it was teetering on the edge of my monitor and we were trying to find the jack for the earbuds we needed to use. By now the show is 15 minutes running and all they can see is the top of Mary's head and my back room.   I am plugging the earbuds into every port and we still can't hear anyone, but apparently they could hear us.  We were unaware until we realized they muted us because we were laughing so hard.

Finally after the show was 3/4 over we had to find a way to communicate with them. They obviously could tell we had issues.  Technology can be wonderful but to communicate this time we had to do it the old fashioned way.........pen and paper.  This was our sign.........  :)

Embarrassing? Yes         Annoying?  Yes          Fixed? Yes         Another Adventure?  Yes

Live, Love and Giggle!  A lot!
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