Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keep it or sell it?

So many times when we go out shopping for items to sell whether it be the antique store, flea market, resale shop, Shorty's or a garage sale we have the best intentions to buy only things we feel will sell or associate with our years of youth.

While we hunt these items (coffee mugs in hand), we pick up all sorts of goodies that have a memory for one or both of us.  When we make our purchases, we get them home, wash them up and look them over for flaws. For some reason the items with flaws hang around my house to look at, until I finally go donate them for someone else to work with. (keeping it out of the landfill one item at a time)

Many times though, we look at the items and set them in a special spot where it looks good in one of our homes and keep it there for a few days or months before it is listed.  A few times, they were never listed at all because we have fallen in love with them all over again. Mary will ask me when I am going to list that beautiful pressed glass bowl we bought last month, and I will say "oops, sorry, I'm keeping it".

Once in a blue moon an item that is listed and sold can't be found because it is not in the storage area, it is in that special spot in one of our houses.  Always found of course, but can make for a panicked few moments until one of us remembers we have it.  We have enjoyed it so much that it has become a part of our home.  Now it MUST leave.

The point of having our ETSY store is to sell items, not add to our stock at home, yet we do it over and over again.

Whatever things make you feel comfy and loved that you were surrounded with through the years, keep them close.  You may turn into the crazy twins who want to keep everything. Hopefully you will never see us on the tv show HOARDERS. 

But it could happen....................
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