Friday, July 6, 2012

The Good Ole Days of Mayberry

    With the passing of Andy Griffith, it has given us alot to ponder the last few days.  We have a strong desire to go back to the simpler times.  We want to go back to when our lives were not so busy, and there was always time for family and friends.  Time to sit on the porch and visit for awhile.  We not only love vintage items, we love the times when the vintage items were created.

  Are the days of unexpected company stopping by at dinner time gone for good? 
Years ago, people would go driving around and visiting. We were always prepared to feed an extra few people at dinner time if someone did.  We usually have a standby meal that we can fix if a few extras show up.  Maybe a favorite pasta dish that could be doubled if need be.  We have become so wrapped up in our own lives that we tend to neglect the friends and extended family that we do have. 

  I live in a farming community and my property is surrounded by crops.   Several years ago the farmer who owned the fields was in the hospital and was dying, as he had lost his battle with cancer.  He had put his crops in during the planting season.  I had wondered what would happen to his crops.  One morning during harvest season, harvesters started showing up.  And they just kept coming. I had never seen such a sight.  I counted 10 harvesters in the farmers field, they had all just come to help out their neighbor and friend.  I just stood there in amazement with tears running down my face.  I was so touched by the sense of community and honor that they were showing for this man.

  We would like to see a "get back to Mayberry movement" in our communities, where people take the time to stop and see how you are doing.  A stronger sense of community and pride in our towns.

  Instead of getting frustrated because you are getting delayed while running errands and run into someone you know, just stop and talk for awhile.  It does the heart good and will lift your spirits as well as the other persons.  People need to know we care about them.  This world can be a lonely place for some people, especially the elderly and those who are alone.   Sometimes just a kind word and a huge smile can make a huge difference in someones day. 

So while we  thinking about how we wish things were like good ole Mayberry, lets start to make small changes in our own  lives.  If we all do our part, we can have our own little piece of Mayberry here today.

Have a Great Day!
Mary and Cathy
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