Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fishing With The Twins

   My sister and I share the love of life's simple pleasures;  gardening, treasure hunting, and we love, love to fish.  This blog is dedicated to some of our fishing adventures.  When we go fishing together it is always with a fresh cup of coffee in hand in our favorite beat-up travel mugs.  Oh, of course we take our fishing poles, bait and the normal fishing gear that most people carry.  For us it is not even about catching the biggest fish.  We don't care if we catch a fish at all.  It is about spending time together, sharing the quiet of nature along with some chatting. The simple joy of spending time together. 

  We went fishing together with our husbands in the early morning hours of a extremely hot steamy day.  The area that we had chosen for that morning was weedy and had lots of underwater brush.  Great for catching the fish who like to hide.  Our husbands prefer to fish away from us as we tend to be a little too chatty, too giggly for their fishing enjoyment.  On this particular day, we kept getting hung up in this one area where this one bush was located at.  Oh, and did I mention we like big bobbers too?  Mine is a light up bobber.   In any case I got stuck, I mean really stuck.  I tried all of the tricks of the trade trying to get my bobber and hook unstuck.  Nothing was working.   So my sister Cathy says "here let me help". If you can possibly picture this;  I have a hold of the pole, my sister gets in front of me, grabs on to the line.  She says just keep steady pressure and keep backing up. We will get it free of the brush in just a second.  So we keep backing up, and backing up, and her husband tells my husband will you just look at those two.  I am sure we probably looked ridiculous, but we were in it together 'til the end!   All of the sudden the bobber gets free, and comes flying back at us and warp speed, and we were like oh oh, and it goes Thwack, and smacks my sister on the thigh.  She turns around and looks at me and all we could manage to do is laugh hysterically.  She had the biggest bruise on her thigh. Our husbands could not figure out why that was so funny, they are just standing there shaking there heads. This could only happen to us.

  On another occasion we wanted to go fishing and our husbands refused.  It was too hot, they were too tired.   We decided we're going to go, just the two of us, night fishing!   So we got our gear together, coffee mugs included (we never go anywhere without our coffee)   We headed down to the local dock to go fishing.  Keep in mind, I am afraid of water snakes, my sister is afraid of spiders.  It is those childhood phobia's, and we know it is crazy.   When we fish, she watches for the snakes for me, and I keep a lookout for the spiders for her.  We protect each other.  If we walk under trees, we hold our poles up, in a X fashion to brush away the spiders ahead of us, and we sing to keep the snakes away, as well as anything else that might be lurking around.  We thought we were being very brave going fishing at night by ourselves.  I think we were also trying to prove our independence as well.  We get out on the dock cast our lines out, and sit down.

We had not been there an hour, and the snakes started coming in.  I can see them churning up the water under the dock.  At this point I am terrified, and my sister is like it's okay.  They can't get up on the dock.  I still am not so sure about this, but I keep fishing.  Then we noticed that the spiders were coming up on the dock.  Not just one or two that I can stomp as I have to be the one to stomp them, but a whole army of the little creepy crawly things.  I look at her, and she looks at me, and said I think it is time to go.  Wait just a minute, we have only been gone an hour, what wimps are we!  We decided to add on to our "fishing time" by going to the nearest McDonald's to get what?  Of course, coffee LOL.  We wasted another hour so we didn't appear to wimp out too quickly.

We arrived back home to my house where the guys were watching tv, and they wanted to know how the fishing went.  We told them we had a great time.  They said they  figured we would be back in a few minutes, once the spiders and snakes came up. 

So if you go fishing, watch out for flying bobber's, and snakes, and spiders!  You just never know what will happen on your fishing adventures.

Live Love and Giggle
The Twins
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