Monday, January 13, 2014

Traveling for Treasures

  We decided we needed to try a new area for hunting treasures.  We thought it would be fun
to go to Paducah Kentucky which is about 2 hours away.  It was raining that day, but we were not deterred by that fact and we were determined to hunt treasure.

  We grabbed our go cups of coffee and drove and drove it seemed and when we got to Paducah, we were expecting one or two exits. Well there were four!  We had no map, just addresses we had taken from the internet for resale shops.
Cathy's husband decided to be our chauffeur that day and as many U-turns as we made, he was very patient.  We would stop at a gas station and they would tell us to get back on the highway and go down 2 more exits to find the store.  After that store we stopped at another gas station and got the same answer.........keep driving. We drove and drove.

We made it to some of the stores and decided we needed to refuel so we stopped for lunch and more coffee of course.

We found a really large resale shop and thought this was the one we would find treasures in......well we found not even one treasure! :(

So after hitting 6 resale shops and not finding 3 of the shops on our list, we decided to head back home.  We were disappointed at being gone for 8 hours and not finding a thing, but we sure did have some laughs. 

We have found that we find the best treasures in the most unexpected places, not the planned trips that we make.  But the biggest treasure of all, is not in finding the best item of the day, it is the day itself.  For the biggest treasure of all, are the moments that we are together, the memories that we make, and our love as sisters.

Live, Love and Giggle

The Twins
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