Monday, November 11, 2013

The Twins Go To The Post Office

  We started off our day early on Saturday morning  with a super strong brew of coffee. We had been surprised with several large orders the night before and had to get everything ready to go.  It would not be our usual fun day of shopping on this day.  We were all about getting our orders packed and ready to go.

   Since we specialize in vintage glass, this is no simple task.  We can't just put our items in a box with a little stuffing and send it off.   Everything we ship has to be bubble wrapped to the max, and carefully packed to make sure that they get to their new homes in good condition  We always think to ourselves that the items made it all this time through the years, we would feel terrible if they broke during shipping.  We use a lot of bubble wrap and packing, and this particular day was no exception.  We finally saw the light at the end of the bubble wrap tube around 11:00 am.  We had been wrapping and packing since about 8:00 working together to get all the orders packed, weighed and labeled for shipment.  It was finally time to go. We carried everything out to the car, loaded it up, got our coffee and got ready to roll.

  We headed off to the post office, happy with the way our morning was going.  We parked close up front and start unloading the car.  We were each juggling three boxes and they are definitely not light as glassware is quite heavy. lol.  As we were walking to the front door we notice through the front window that the counter area is blocked off.


  How can this be!?  We had hurried as fast as we possibly could.  They are supposed to be open till noon on Sat, or well we thought they were.  They locked their doors at exactly 11:00 am. on Saturday.

 We sadly made our way with our boxes back to the car and gently put them back in.  Now what the heck are we gonna do?  We settled back into the car and start trying to figure out what we are going to do.  We have deadlines which are mostly self imposed of course. We like our orders to go out the next day if at all possible.

 We headed off thinking maybe another Post Office would be open in another town, however we live in a rather rural area so they all close at the same time.  The post office in the town Mary lives in  is actually open only until 10:30am.  We then remembered seeing Cathy's postal gal on her road earlier, in fact we waved hello to her on our way to her post office.  So the light went on in our heads that we could find her on her route and ask her, beg her to take our packages to go out.

  We headed down toward Cathy's house and passed her street.  About a mile down is the next street and so we thought we would catch her down the winding road.  As we passed  each road we looked down to see if we could see her car and finally low and behold she was in a cul-de-sac.  We had her cornered :)    Cathy got out of the car and explained what had happened and the postal gal said she would be happy to take our packages..........but her car was filled to the brim.

  She rearranged her whole car to fit in our 6 big boxes and we felt terrible because she barely had room to sit in her own car to drive.  It reminded us of Santa's sleigh filled with toys.  She went on her way and we sat back with a sigh of relief. Kudos to our post office delivery gal!  A little gift at Christmas will express our happiness.

  To celebrate our adventure we went to a local restaurant and had a nice hearty bowl of beef vegetable soup and a good hot cup of coffee, some conversation and some laughs.

  We now have the post office hours on the refrigerator.  We have become more wise since this experience.  All in all, just having the soup, coffee and sister time was worth every minute!
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