Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moving Day Has Come and Gone

  We finally got Cathy all moved in!  All of the boxes are unpacked, and the Treasure Trove storage room organized.  Shelving added, room swept, and the TTT radio is in it's proper place.

The last week has been pretty crazy getting everything done, as I am sure anybody that has ever moved knows, nothing goes as planned. 20 years in one house can accumulate quicker than we thought.

 The moving van did not come on the day expected.  My sister Cathy wanted to stay at the house the first night to clean, and of course I had to help.  So armed with cleaning supplies, an air mattress, a coffee pot and her beloved pet cats Lizzie and Felix we went to the new home. We had power and water so it was all good, we however forgot a radio.  All of her electronics were on the truck of course lol.  We cleaned until about two in the morning.

 We got the air mattress all aired up and turned out the lights to try and sleep.  Which even as adults we act like teenagers, talking and talking, and giggling and giggling. And then I rolled over and when I did I bounced her right off the air bed onto the floor.  I had overfilled the air mattress and it was like a rock.  Don't know why one of us did not think to simply let some air out of it, so we could sleep more comfortably. So between the hard air mattress and the cats exploring their new home there was not much sleep that night.

  So now the house is pretty much in order, the furniture arrived and has been put in its proper place. The air mattress has been retired back to my closet.  Cathy and Greg are settling in to their new home and life in Southern Illinois, where the deer play in their backyard and Bandit the raccoon steals bird seed from the porch in the middle of the night. :)

Until Next Time

The Twins

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