Sunday, July 14, 2013

Busting Tar Bubbles with the Twins

We enjoy taking long walks after dinner together, every chance we get.  We both love nature, and watching the seasons change.  And of course just spending time together doing something relaxing is always a plus for us, and a great way to get rid of a few calories as well.

 On one such walk to our favorite little creek close to Mary's house, we had a close up encounter with a beautiful bobcat.  Kind of scary to be that close and not even realize he was less than ten feet away from us. We were just standing there looking into the creek searching for George(a huge catfish that we named), and we caught sight of an adult bobcat, working his way down to the water for a drink.  Talk about a unexpected visitor to our quiet refuge, of course we were invading his habitat.  So we just quietly backed up, and gave him space and he went on his way.

The last time we went for a walk, we started talking about our childhood memories.  We don't share the same memories because we did not grow up together. We were both adopted to different families very young, and then found each other as adults.  So we have a lot of catching up to do.  So we share things from time to time.  One thing that we both did was of course the same thing that kids all over the states do every summer, catch lightning bugs.  Neither one of us had the cute little bug catchers that they sell now.  We used old glass Mason jars. Running around in the dark with a glass jar would absolutely horrify modern parents today.  But yet we had the best of times, and I don't ever remember dropping one of moms canning jars.  We both had sandboxes and good old fashioned mud puddles.  We knew how to enjoy the simple joys of getting dirty and not getting in trouble.  Maybe that is why we both love to play in the dirt aka garden work now.

The one thing that we both do not have in common was tar bubble popping. I knew what it was but had never experienced it.  Cathy introduced me to the joys of popping tar bubbles on our last walk.  It takes a special touch to get them to pop, and after a few tries I was able to get that satisfaction of hearing it go pop. I am sure we must have looked hilarious to anyone who happened to be watching us.  Two grown women in the middle of the road, on a hot day squatting down to pop as many tar bubbles as we could.  And of course laughing so hard the tears are running down our face. And you know what happens when you have tar junk on your fingers and you reach up to wipe your wet face.  You got it.... tar on the face too.  We came back home and had to do some serious scrubbing to get that stuff off,.  But oh what fun did we have on our evening stroll.  And really that is what it is all about for us, having fun.  Just the simple joy of spending time together as sisters and also learning about each others childhoods.

So the next time you get the chance, pop some tar bubbles and feel the simple joy of being a child again.

Till Next Time
The Twins

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