Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Dream Road Trip

We have never been on a "sisters road trip" and have thought about this for a really long time.  We are both treasure hunting every chance we get to find new things for our Etsy store or to add to our homes.  Until we can live in the same area of the state we can only shop when we visit each other once or twice a year. We thought it would be so much fun to go together somewhere for a few days treasure hunting and in the back of each of our minds was the 6 state yard sale called the 127 Corridor Sale.  We started investigating further and this is some of what we found.

It starts the first Thursday in August of every year and ends on that Sunday, so this year it is August 2-5.  This sale runs on Highway 127 from Hudson, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.  There are special signs posted on the route so you know where sales are located. Anything can be sold from antiques, collectibles, food items,  handmade, produce to farm implements!  Hopefully no free puppies or kittens along the way.....

Can you even imagine 675 miles of sales?

So we talked again about the trip and how we would need to bring a trailer in case we found something larger (my son has one) and how we would have to learn to drive with a trailer attached without hurting anyone else (laughing out loud now).

We could talk, shop, eat, drink coffee, shop and talk, eat and drink coffee, and some more coffee all along the route while stopping a little diners along the way.  Now that is what we call bonding!

Sadly this year not going to be our year (a wonderful wedding in the family!) but we can dream on it, and make our plans, practice with the trailer a little too.  For now we will have to settle for our twice a year visits and plenty of Skype time, but next year Highway 127, first Thursday of August.....we will be psyched and ready for adventure.........sister-style.

For more information on the 127 Corridor Sale please go to
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