Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trying To Fish and Not In The Rain!

This season has been so strange with the strange weather we have been having.

We'd like to say we trust the weather reports, but we are slowly losing faith.

Mary's work has been understaffed for months so her days off are limited. So much
overtime!  When she does get a day off, to wind down from a crazy week, fishing is the

The first time we went fishing we knew it was going to be cool so we prepared with our coffee
and warm clothing.  Weather reports were to be mid to upper 60's for the day.  We got to
our favorite spot and set up our chairs and poured hot coffee into our cups and tossed out
our lines in the water.

All of the people that were around the lake were leaving but we were determined!
The winds picked up so I brought out the 2 blankets that cover my car seats and by
10:30 we finally threw in the towel.  Mary did catch a bluegill.  We were thrilled and
put him back in the water and decided to head for a warmer location.  Breakfast :)

Sadly a new cook was in the kitchen and our french toast was more like toast fried on
top of egg whites.  No matter, we still had hot coffee, warm surroundings and a nice

2 weeks later we set out to fish and the weather said rain around 1pm.  We set up our spot
again and started fishing.  Mary caught a striped bass and set it free.  Happy as a clam.
10:30 here comes the rain.  We sat in light rain for awhile and decided we needed to find
the sun.  We remembered a sign at an intersection for another lake so this time we decided
to follow the country road out there.

As soon as we got on the road, the rain stopped and there was SUNSHINE!
21 miles of country road and we found the sign for the lake.

We laughed and laughed about the sign and realized it was true, we were in the middle of nowhere!
We found the lake, fished a bit in the sun but never saw the restaurant.  We think it was further into the middle of nowhere and we were not ready to take that adventure on this day.

We got just enough sunshine and nature to wash away the week and headed back toward home.

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