Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cooler Weather Is On The Horizon

As we watch the 10 day forecast, each day we see the numbers dipping towards the colder season.
Trying to prepare the right way is a little confusing. If you listen to the predictions for this winter here, they are saying because last winter was mild it is going to be a rough one.  But my sister Mary says that the woolly worms are not as big and not as dark and no stripes which means mild winter.
So, on the optimistic side.......I'm going with the woolly worms.

So many things to do to get ready.  Clean the fireplace, make sure the furnace has a new filter, put the garden to bed, bring wood closer to the house, cover the air conditioners, bring out the bags of sweaters and put the shorts in the bags for next summer (or the winter getaway I dream of).

Then into the kitchen to get creative with all of the veggies left from the garden.  Stewed tomatoes for the freezer, roasted tomatoes, sliced peppers for the freezer and prepare the herbs for the freezer too.

Since we are in the cooler weather mode, comfort foods come to mind.  Bringing out the big old Club pot for soups, stews, chili, hot apple cider and so much more.  Nothing tastes like homemade soup in a good old pot.  Maybe even some apple bread baking in the oven warming the house and making it smell so wonderful and feel so cozy!

We wish you all a happy, relaxing and festive cooler weather season.
Post back to let us know how you are preparing  :)
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