Monday, March 19, 2012

How On Earth Did They Do It?

I was looking at a recipe the other day for a German cookie called Springerle.  The directions said to beat by hand for one hour.  One hour!  I am lucky if I can beat brownies for 10 minutes.  This got me to thinking about the chores from the old days when electricity was not a thought in anyone's mind yet.

In order to bake something you had to start a fire in the stove, wash the clothes on a washboard, shred cheese or cabbage on a grater, grind your own meat with a crank handle, knead the bread for who knows how long or to make a hole in wood for building using a crank or push drill.

No wonder they went to bed early, from total exhaustion.

Today we have food processors, washing machines, home delivery groceries that come to you frozen, hand mixers, power drills, lawn mowers and more.
As I look at the flab on my arms and legs, I realize if I took the old fashioned route and really did the work I probably would look a whole lot better.  I love to look at all the old tools and think back to how they used them, maybe even try them out and realize how lucky we all are to have the inventions that are out there today.

So the next time you see some of these items, just think of all they had to go through back then to get a loaf of bread, the laundry done, the food sliced and diced, the meat ground up or that special Springerle cookie.  I'm so glad there is a bakery in town!
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